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Why a Land Matters Library?

An Open Library

Land Matters information is Free to everyone. No registration, no fee, no organizational affiliation required.

There are volumes of documents available in the public domain that can help you learn about the land around you. So much information, that finding out specifically what you want to know can be challenging.

We want to make it easy when it comes to Land Matters.

A Central Location

We provide a central place where you can find pertinent, reliable and usable information about the land around you.

No Agenda

Land Matters was founded to inform and educate the public about land matters. We offer facts to enlighten those who are interested in issues affecting the land. In doing so we always strive to present unbiased, factual information avoiding the presentation of opinions and viewpoints.

Where do I start?

Searching the Land Matters Library is easy- You can search in several different ways

Quick Search - This searches the entire Library. Just put your search term(s) in the box and click on the "Search" button.
This search method returns the most results and can be a little overwhelming if your search term is non specific.

Advanced Search- This searches the entire Library but allows you to refine your search.
If you are researching a specific subject or searching for a specific type of item this is your best choice.

Collection Search- Collections are predefined groups of items in the Library. Using the Collection search limits your search returns to your selected Collection.
Handy when researching a particular subject.

Resource Search-- Resources are links to items not in the Land Matters Library. If you are looking for external resources related to Land Matters subjects this is the place to find them.
These resources are not operated by Land Matters and we are not responsible for the content or availability of the linked sites.

Information you can use

Every document in the Land Matters Library has been reviewed, indexed for searching, and bookmarked where possible and provided in a accessible format to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Unless otherwise noted Land Matters has determined to the best of our ability that the documents are within the public domain and free from copyright restriction.

If you know of copyrights that we are not respecting, have a suggestion for the Library or would like to help us grow the Library please send us your comments or suggestions. You can contact us directly here:

Contact Land Matters

Document Formats
Most of the text documents in the Library are in PDF format.

Bookmarks - Most of the documents in the Library have been bookmarked for easy reference. Turn on the bookmarks side panel to get what you need quickly.

Searchable Text- All PDF documents have been indexed and can be searched for content.

Read, print and share freely the contents of the Land Matters Library. Please, share it don't sell it.

Land Matters. Enjoy it.