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How to get the most out of Advanced Search

Use the Advanced Search feature to narrow the results of your search. Each search box is a filter that adds additional criteria to your search request. Use more filters to return fewer, more relevant results.

For example, if you are searching for geology information on El Dorado County, California your could search in the following ways;

Search for Subject = Geology, Returns 79 items
Search for Subject = Geology AND State = CA, returns 17 items
Search for Subject = Geology AND State = CA AND County = El Dorado, Returns 1 item.

Below is a short summary of the requirements for each search box to get matching results.

Subject:General - This is a broad subject matter search.
Title:Specific - Must appear in the Title of the document.
Author:Specific - Must match the authors first, last or both names.
Year:Specific - Must match the publication year of the document.
Publisher: Specific - Must match publishers name or common abbreviation. (USGS)
State:Specific - Must be a US State name OR its postal abbreviation.
County:Specific - Must match a County name.


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Document Formats
Most of the text documents in the Library are in PDF format.

Bookmarks - Most of the documents in the Library have been bookmarked for easy reference. Turn on the bookmarks side panel to get what you need quickly.

Searchable Text- All PDF documents have been indexed and can be searched for content.

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